A GROWN WOMAN (in postproduction)

Dir: Shalini Adnani
Prod: Oh What A Paradise Productions

Alice, a misanthropic millennial, is a very unlikeable woman. While visiting her snobby expat sister (Mary) in London, she speaks with contempt towards her sister’s new friends and scoffs at the newly purchased painting hanging on the wall of the expensive apartment. Alice provokes those around her with her doomsdays mentality and belief of a near apocalypse. Inevitably, the tension between Alice and Mary erupts after a house party descends into a fatal dispute. When a takeaway driver (Anish) shows up to deliver food, Alice, in a state of panic, decides to escape with him, leaving her dying sister on the floor of her living room. 

After a trip to the hospital for a minor injury, Alice persuades 17-year-old Anish to ride out of London on his moped in search for industrial ruins, which Alice believes will be the only evidence of life on earth after it ends. 

Alice sinks deeper in hallucinations and detachment from reality and is faced with the choice of going back to face the consequences of there actions, or continuing to manipulate Anish to enable her escape with no end in sight. 


Edinburgh International Film Festival Work in Progress 2019


Dir: Abid Khan
Prod: Eyefive Films

Starring Antonio Aakeel and Óscar Casas.

GRANADA NIGHTS is a self-discovery feature about Ben (AAKEEL) a British-Pakistani tourist, who travels to Granada, Spain to save his relationship with his long term girlfriend HELEN who’s studying abroad. But when Ben arrives it’s too late, Helen has moved on.

Heartbroken, Ben struggles to get over Helen and finds himself lost in a city full of Backpackers, Study Abroad students, Moroccan immigrants and Flamenco Gypsies.

It’s only when he meets a group of teenage students and locals that he starts to develop a sense of belonging and purpose.

With his new foreign friends he pushes himself out of his comfort zone, immerses himself in the foreign culture and tries to find love in the international student scene. But behind every corner is a reminder of Helen and his struggle to find closure.


Edinburgh International Film Festival Work in Progress 2019 Film London Breakthrough Screenings 2019



Dir: Maximilian Leo
Prod: Augenschein Filmproduktion

Gregor (32) is happily married and a successful doctor. He seems to have found his place in life and is not afraid of taking on responsibility.

His brother Pietschi on the other hand is meandering through life spontaneously and aimlessly, with a gift for winning people over, though not for keeping them in his life.

As every year, the two brothers go sailing during Pentecost. To Gregor everything appears to be as usual – until Pietschi disappears without a trace.

To find out what has happened Gregor gets in touch with Pietschi’s old friends and their relatives, without revealing what is on his mind. And while Gregor is forced to realise how little he has actually known about his brother, there are hints that Pietschi might be gone forever.

Gregor spends more and more time in Pietschi's apartment, while obsessively trying to grasp the fading echo of his brother’s life.

When he finally realises that he might know himself even less than he knew Pietschi, he is about to get completely lost in the life of his brother.